Translation for the clothing and fashion industry


When you want to update your home in a responsible way, you can definitely make your wardrobe more planet-friendly. A friend introduced our founder Nina Lahaye to Yseult and we started working together with the translation of their General Terms and Conditions from French into English.

Translation for the interior design industry


This project is the perfect example of what’s known as transcreation. At Nina Lahaye, we do not always say everything exactly as it is in the source text. We bring it to a new level of creativity, that’s what we do. Naturally we make sure that your style, core message and tone of voice are preserved.

Translation for the food sector

(Père Olive)

We are so excited to unveil our new collaboration with Père Olive, a brand that shares our values and makes firm commitments to people and the planet.
We translated the commitments page from French into English, from French into Dutch and from French into German as a team. Special thanks to Litterate, Capital Translations and Traductions Hullmann.