French and English translations

Areas of expertise

  • I am specialized in French and English translations for the furniture and interior design industry, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
  • I studied Germanic languages (English and Dutch) at the University of Liège and I am certified in communicating corporate social responsibility (CSR) by Université Catholique de Louvain.
  • I lived for 2 years in an English-speaking country as an IKEA expat spouse before moving to Paris.

Transparent pricing

Pricing calculated beforehand (number of words in your document x €0.13) to get an external proofreader involved (see below). For translation agencies and clients who want to handle the proofreading and/or editing in-house, my rate for translation is: €0.09.

Not sure how to go about translating your content?

I am a member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (CBTI-BKVT) and I can walk you every step of the way.

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